XSurf Log

Helping manage the risk with people and the internet

Key Features

Mobile Device

Works with all devices including mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops.

People and Internet Risk

With increasing risks from the internet and people being either accidentally tricked or purposefully malicious it is a necessity to log and protect browser usage. XSurf Log provides logging and protecting for website usage on the computer for use within the cloud.


Pick the features that suit your current needs.

Audit, Logging and Monitoring

Allows browser usage monitoring alignment with IS0 27001 and 27002 - Logging and Monitoring and NIST SP 800 53 - Audit and Accountability Controls.



Monitor the websites employees go to for regulatory, compliance and security reasons


Improve your security investigation and detection capabilities

Visibility and Insight

Provide visibility and insight into common website and phishing link attacks

Cloud Devices

Monitoring for cloud devices without the need for extra components

Employee Tracking

XSurf Log can be useful to help track employees about to leave.

Cyber Security Standards

Help companies using the cloud be compliant with ISO 27001-27002, NIST SP 800 53, EU GDPR and other cyber security standards

Customer Cases

For companies using the cloud and working from anywhere, this provides the ability to not have to use a vpn or proxy but still have centralised browser security. We could have: "home use", "small-medium business" and "businesses using the cloud".